Flower of salt

The flower of salt is a thin layer of salt that forms on the surface of

ocean water along the edges of the maritime saltworks. It gets its name

from the delicate aroma of violets that is produced as the salt dries.

“Flower of Salt” is known as the “caviar of salts” by chefs worldwide.

It’s the cream of salt.

Soare´s flower of salt is produced on the Cuyutlan Lagoon in the

Mexican pacific. Fleur de Sel (Flower of salt) is collected manually and

does not go through any industrial processes.

It is a finishing salt known for his unique texture. A delicate flake that

provides a strong crunch and dissolves quickly, giving you a burst of

clean, mild salty flavor with a low content of sodium



 Low content of sodium

 Can be cosumed by people with diabetes, hypertension, kidney

diseases or renal failure.

 Free of toxic substances such as metals, nitrates, carbohydrates

and many more.


Its production takes place on the Cuyutlán Lagoon in the Mexican

Pacific and is harvested once a year in a duration of 3 months (March-


In the water evaporation process, the sun and the wind work 100%


The harvesting takes place whenever the weather conditions are ideal,

a sunny day, with high temperatures and little wind. The harvested

crystals are then left to dry in the sun and in the wind in order to obtain

a very limited production of pure Gourmet Salts without additives. No

matter how much time goes by, these crystals do not stick together and

their properties remain intact.