Who we are?

We are committed with health and well being by offering you products with the highest nutrimental values and the best quality.

Our company promotes a healthy life style complementing regular meals with Soare’s “Super Foods”.

Consuming Soare foods will help you maintain a healthy body and prevent diseases.

We know the importance of eating healthy and gradually replace the use of processed foods by natural ones, We supervise the manufacturing, packing and distribution of all our products in order to guarantee you the best quality.

Change your eating habits with Soare Foods and improve your health.

Join us in the pursuit of a healthier and more natural life. Take advantage of the nutrition elements that earth and sun (Soare) have to offer.

Our Mission

Elaborate and distribute foods with the highest nutrimental values for people looking to achieve a healthy life style.

Our Vision

To become the leading company in its relevant nutritional market, recognized internationally for promoting natural, healthier life styles as well as high nutrimental foods.